What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health is an holistic approach to health which teaches the restoring of our natural energies. It is a practical guide to natural health using acupressure, touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.

The Touch for Health Synthesis is a program of home health care for non professionals.  Participants do not need any prior knowledge of anatomy or healing principles.  Many instructors teach the course in four weekend modules to allow participants to practice the techniques with their family and friends between classes. 

For those interested in a career in the health industry, the Touch for Health Synthesis is a 64 hour Category A course accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association Practitioner Registration Board, and is recognized by some government registered training organizations that deliver Diploma in Kinesiology. 

Touch for Health Flow Chart
Touch for Health uses muscle monitoring / testing to measure the individual's stress response.  This could be physical, emotional, or biochemical and an appropriately used indicator muscle can identify the priority.  This is always done in context so that the muscle monitoring is relevant.  

Touch for Health can be easily learned and applied for self, family and friends.  The Touch for Health Synthesis (eight days) is usually taught by registered TFH instructors in four, two days sessions, with a fifth, two day session for proficiency assessment.  An out of class workbook is required to be completed for competency requirements. 

Touch for Health certificates issued by the International Kinesiology College are recognised by the Australian industry associations.

About the Association

The Touch for Health Instructors Association of Australia is manned by part time volunteers who answer enquiries as soon as possible.  Registered Touch for Health Instructors may be contacted directly (see elsewhere on this website), or through the International Kinesiology College website at www.ikc-info.org.  Touch for Health classes worldwide are also listed on the IKC website.

Touch for Health registered instructors are the only source of International Kinesiology College Touch for Health School certificates. These certiicates are recognised worldwide and are the basis of many international professional training programmes.  Other certificates issued by non registered TFH instructors will not be recognised by the IKC, the Australian industry associations and other international associations and training institutions.  

The Touch for Health Instructors' Association is officially affiliated with the International Kinesiology College Ltd.  Visit www.ikc.global
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